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Stuff to do and Day Trips

Day trips can mean many things at Ironwoods. The property is large enough that you can explore and only be a mile away and still on the grounds. Or leave by car and enjoy the many historic sites of Eastern Ontario

Some of our favorites

Spend the day at the beach: A rocky beach is located about eight hundred meters from the house on the South/Eastern shore of the property. It is best visited during July and August when the hot summer days melt away to cooler afternoons. The beach is small and rocky but there is enough place to leave clothes and a basket. Jump in the water and the sand bottom extends out at least twenty meters from shore. This is especially fun for kids who often prefer this to the rocky bottom at the dock. (map included in cottage)

Row to the swamp: One of our mother’s favorite things to do, jump in the row boat and row to the right of the property, towards Portland. Follow the shore to the swamp. There is a lot of sea weed and lily pads in the water, so persevere. Ounce you are in the center of the swamp it is uniquely quiet and warm. Look for turtles, bull frogs and dragon flys; try to find a beavers den, watch as a Blue Herron takes flight, listen and think. Bring a jar and see how many different species of bugs you can collect.

Go for a Run: Grab your running shoes, bug spray and you are set. Start by heading out the gravel road, when you get to the paved road head right. You will soon come to a beautiful horse farm. You can run for miles on these country roads. Get a great work out and then come home and jump in the lake, you will never feel better!

Bring Bicycles: There are plenty of country roads for traffic free riding. Plan your day, ride to Brockville and stop at one of many scenic towns for lunch, take a swim in the St Lawrence and ride home!

Rent a boat and tour the Rideau Canal: One of our fathers’ favorite activities was to drive his Boston Wailer through the locks to Westport. When we got there we would throw bread to the big fish over the sanctuary bridge, it is still there! The greatest thing about the Big Rideau is it’s not an enclosed lake you can go all the way to the Saint Lawrence from our dock. The locks are still in good working order and under the guardianship of Parks Canada. They are open to the public between May and Thanksgiving. Watching the locks being manually opened and closed by Parks Canada attendants, using the original wheels and cranks from the nineteenth century is unique only to this part of Canada.

Take sailing lessons at Cow Island: You can see Cow Island from our dock. The Big Rideau Lake Association runs a sailing school and summer day camps for children from this location. Please visit; it’s a great way to meet people on the lake.

Create a scrap book of your time here: Bring your camera and snap away, fill a scrap book with your holiday memories, press some fresh flowers and some pine needles to remind you of the smells of summer.

For Children

Grab a mask and some flippers, float and explore: Have you ever looked at the bottom of the lake? There is lots of stuff down there. There are Sun fish, Rock Bass and Crayfish. Oh and Clams! Get a bucket see what you can collect and let them go at the end of the day.

Go Fishing: Get a fishing line, it doesn’t matter...string and hook is fine. (Kids love it!) Buy some worms in Portland and sit on the dock and drop your line in. Fill a bucket with water and see what you can catch. Or wait until sun sets and go for something bigger! Go trawling at dusk, you will find silence and a steady line will catch you a nice Bass. (Fishing rods provided in the boat house)

Visit Portland buy an ice-cream
! Wearing bare feet and a bathing suit, that’s what matters in the summer in Canada. Rent a boat at Bayview Marina in Portland and drive it into town to get groceries. Sit on the town dock and eat a cream cycle.

Visit Local Towns and Villages

Portland: Portland is the closest town to Ironwoods. It is the local go to spot for groceries, post office and gas station. You can see Portland from the Ironwoods dock if you look East along the shoreline it is half a mile away.

Have lunch, feed the fish and visit the local shops. Take a day trip to Foley Mountain; it’s only five minutes from the town. Pack a lunch and swim suit and walk on the many trails, the view of the lake from the lookout is unforgettable! Go for a swim at one of the many little public beaches in the park.

Admire, the stone buildings voted prettiest village in Ontario

Visit, Historic Fort Worth, Kingston is home to Queens University so you will find great book stores, cafes and a farmers market on Saturdays.

Gananoque: You can take a river cruise on the St Lawrence; take in a play at The Thousand Island Play House.

Ottawa: Canada’s Capital, there are many national buildings and sites. These are my favorites, The Byward Market, The Parliament Buildings, The Museum of Civilization and The National Gallery.

Byward Market

Parliament Buildings

Museum of Civiliiztion

National Gallery

Scenic Rideau

Parks Canada

Township of Rideau Lakes

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